Symbols in Ancient Rock Art

There are astounding scenes portrayed in rock craftsmanship on all the occupied landmasses and the inquiry is I don’t get their meaning? For the most part they include creatures and afterward the huge fauna of the district however every one of them, no matter what, contain something that is a greater riddle because of the quality and amount of their essence. They are the hand stencils that plainly show the five fingers while the significance of them has gotten away from translation.

In light of my resurrection and connection to the Spirit of the Universe a few things are known to me that may not be known by others. This is a result of the numerous dreams got after a commission to evacuate the mass of visual deficiency set up the principal monster of Revelation. This was appeared to me as the sun and it was the central divine force surprisingly all over the place.

That shows the profundity of its essence accordingly and the practices identified with it that were conveyed by relocating bunches as they spread the world over. Boss among these is the engraving of the hand on rocks. The number 5 was appeared to me as a portrayal of life and, in this way, was made by the individuals who were started into it through their appearance to masculinity.

Given an understanding into language roots and how images became letters and numbers permits me to peruse old locales as a book. Deciphering the conduct and practices of the past is a method of separating the mass of numbness that sun-love has assembled.

The letters [f], [v], and [l] are exchangeable and ‘five’ is equivalent to ‘live’ and ‘life’. It is likewise in ‘fife’ and ‘vive’, while ‘re-vive’ signifies to ‘come back to life’. That is the thing that the start does when he is ‘submersed’ or ‘started’ in a service that announces he is currently a ‘living being’ according to his God. To commend this and affirm it a stencil of his five fingers went about as his signature and antiquated stone craftsmanship seems to be, hence, a record of the occasion.